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PRO Lifetime Guarantee


What is the Manduka PRO Lifetime Guarantee?

Limited Warranty. Manduka guarantees the Manduka PRO®,  PROlite® and PRO Travel® yoga mats to last the lifetime of the mat, if used and cared for properly. PRO Extra Large mats and Almost Perfect PRO mats are not covered by the Lifetime Guarantee. Th

What is the acceptable criteria covered under the lifetime guarantee?

Criteria covered by the Lifetime Guarantee:. Wear to the top surface of the yoga mat from regular use that impacts its performance. Please see the Lifetime Guarantee page for picture examples.

What is not covered under the lifetime guarantee?

Criteria not covered under the Lifetime Guarantee:

How do I make a claim for the lifetime guarantee?

If you would like to request a replacement mat, please email [email protected] with photos of your mat, including the full mat laid out with the logo visible, the top of the mat, and the bottom of the mat. Proof of purchase is required for all Lifetim

I purchased my PRO™ mat from another retailer, is it still covered by the lifetime guarantee?

Yes - If you have purchased a PRO™ series mat (PRO, PROlite, and PRO Travel) from an authorized third party retailer, the Lifetime Guarantee still applies. PRO mats purchased on Amazon must be sold and shipped by Amazon or Zappos - they are the only