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GRP® Hot Yoga Series


The GRP® Series has an open-cell (absorbent) surface, what does this mean?

The GRP® Series is constructed of an open-cell surface (absorbent), meaning that it will allow moisture to be absorbed. Its innovative upper layer provides proven anti-slip control in all wet conditions, designed with the hottest, sweatiest yoga prac

What material is the GRP® Series made of?

The GRP® Series mats are made from an open cell PU and rubber construction. Their goal is to absorb moisture and provide maximum grip as they get wet. The GRP’s core and bottom layer are made with sustainably harvested natural tree rubber and manufac

Where is the GRP® Series made?

The GRP® - Hot Yoga mats are sustainably made in Spain from natural tree rubber and absorbent PU top layer.

Is there latex in the GRP® Series mats?

Through Manduka's manufacturing process, the GRP® mat is 99% latex free. If you know you are sensitive to even traces of latex, we recommend you purchase from our PRO™ Series or Foundation Series.

What is the difference between the GRP® Hot Yoga and the GRP® Adapt mats?

Like the original GRP® Hot Yoga, the GRP® Adapt is also made with absorbent PU layer on the top surface, and rubber on the bottom. The PU on the top is a different texture than the original GRP – on the Adapt, the PU surface is smooth. The Adapt can

Why am I slipping on my GRP® hot yoga mat 6MM/GRP® Lite hot yoga mat 4MM?

The grip on the GRP® hot yoga mat is sweat (moisture) activated. If you find that you are slipping, we recommend misting your mat with water before you practice. Properly cleaning your GRP® hot yoga mat is essential to maintaining its performance and

The top of my GRP® HOT YOGA MAT 6mm/ GRP® LITE HOT YOGA MAT 4MM is wearing off where I place my hands/feet - is this normal?:

Our GRP Series Yoga Mats have an open-cell surface which allows absorption of all moisture and sweat. That’s why they’re great for hot yoga as they maintain grip throughout your practice. But it also means the GRP Series Yoga Mats will break down ove