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I am new to yoga, which products do you recommend?

When you’re beginning your yoga journey it's hard to know what you really need. With all the guides and “advice” online it’s easy to think you need to spend hundreds before you reach your first Savasana!. The reality is you actually need very little

Meet the Manduka Mat Series

We want to make it easy for you to understand our products! Learn more about the Manduka Yoga Mat Series here (right click to open these links in a new tab):.

Need help choosing a new mat?

There comes a time in most yogis' lives when the need for your own mat comes. As with all purchases the options are seemingly endless so we have put together a quick guide on what to consider before you make that purchase: A few things to consider be

Which mats can I use for fitness related exercise?

The X Mat is our go-to mat for any fitness related exercise in addition to yoga practices. This mat is for multi-purpose activities and is footwear-friendly due to its rough surface structure. It is lightweight and also perfect for beginners. However

What is the difference between an open-cell (porous) and closed-cell (non-porous) surface?

Closed-cell (non-porous / non-absorbent): Mats comprised of a closed-cell surface do not absorb moisture such as sweat and bacteria. This allows the mat to be kept very hygienic and last much longer over time with use compared to mats that do absorb

I am slipping on my mat, what can I do?

No matter which mat you're practicing on, hands and feet can slip from time to time, interrupting your flow and making hard poses, well, harder. Pair your practice with a hand towel when you start to sweat! Our hand towels are easily placed wherever

Are all mat series covered by the lifetime guarantee?

The Lifetime Guarantee only applies to our PRO Series (PRO, PROlite, and PRO Travel mats). The PRO Extra Large mats are not covered by the Lifetime Guarantee. Our other Series (eKO®, GRP® and Foundation) are also not covered by the Lifetime Guarantee

What is the difference between the Pro™ Series the Eko® Series?

Both the eKO® Series and the PRO™ Series have been designed and engineered by yoga teachers to provide the ultimate surface to practice yoga. However, due to the different properties of the materials, they offer a different experience when practicing

What is the difference between the GRP® Adapt and the GRP® Hot Yoga mats?

Like the original GRP®, the GRP® Adapt is also made with absorbent PU on the top surface, and rubber on the bottom. The PU on the top is a different texture than the original GRP – on the Adapt, the PU is smooth. The Adapt can be used in dry and wet

What size mat should I choose?

For anyone over 6’ tall we recommend selecting a longer mat. Longer mat lengths vary according to Mat Series. Those include the following lengths:. PRO™ 85”. PROLite® 79”. eKO® 79”. eKO® Lite 79”. GRP® Adapt 79”. *Please note that longer mats are onl

What size mat should I choose?

For anyone over 6’ tall we recommend selecting a longer mat. Those include the following:. *Please note that longer mats are only available in select colors.