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These mat care products have been approved to use on the GRP® Series mats?

The following mat care products can be used on the GRP® Series:

Can I use Manduka's yoga mat wash & refresh on my GRP® Series

Yes - Manduka's Yoga Mat Wash & Refresh can be used on GRP® Series mats. Spray the entire top surface of the mat and use a clean damp cloth to wipe the mat clean. You may also directly spray a damp cloth and use to wipe the mat clean. This helps dist

How do I care for my GRP® Series mat?

Mats designed to absorb moisture (GRP® Series) should never be treated with disinfectant as the liquid will be absorbed into the mat and then cannot be thoroughly cleaned out. Use Manduka’s GRP Yoga Mat Restore to condition, clean and prevent buildup

How do I store my GRP® Series mat?

For best performance, allow the GRP® Series mat to dry completely after use, then store it rolled. Do not leave the mat in direct sunlight. Due to the open cell construction and moisture-absorbent nature of the GRP Series, it will show signs of wear

I have a latex sensitivity; can I use the GRP Series Yoga Mats?

Through Manduka's manufacturing process, the GRP Series Yoga Mats are 99% latex free. If you know you are sensitive to even traces of latex, we recommend that you purchase a mat from a different mat series.