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Recycled Foam Yoga Mini Block


What is the difference between the standard foam blocks and the mini foam blocks?

Manduka's Recycled Foam Yoga Mini Block is the first among equals - consisting of over 50% recycled EVA foam, this lightweight yet firm yoga block provides unbeatable comfort, style and support. The Mini Block with only 0.4 lb and these dimensions 4"

How do I clean the recycled foam mini blocks?

We recommend to wipe the block clean with a damp cloth. Use Manduka’s Yoga Mat Wash & Refresh to keep your yoga block smelling fresh and clean, and to ­­­thoroughly clean your block: Use Manduka's Botanical Disinfecting Mat Cleaner. For further clean

How do I care for the mini foam blocks?

This smaller, more portable alternative to our standard foam block weighs just 0.4 lb and its dimensions are: 4" x 4.5" x 6". In comparison to our standard foam block which weighs approx. 1 lb and measures 4" x 6" x 9". Read on for our guide on yoga