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Manduka Teacher Program


Teacher Program terms and conditions

Please read about the Manduka Teacher PROgram Terms and Conditions here.

How do I apply for the teacher program?

If you are a 200+ hour certified yoga teacher, you can apply for the PROgram here.

Who qualifies for the Manduka Teacher Program?

Our Manduka Teacher PROgram is intended for certified yoga instructors. To apply, click here. PROgram Terms and Conditions.

How do I receive my yoga alliance discount in addition to the program discount?

Manduka is pleased to offer all Yoga Alliance members 30% off retail prices on when you join the PROgram with Manduka. Save on the industry’s finest yoga mats, towels, apparel, props (and everything else we make). It’s a small way to say

Will my program discount apply to the root board or the Lyric Massager?

The PROgram discount is not eligible for the Root Board or the Lyric Massager.

Can I use my program discount in addition to other promotions and sales?

The Manduka Teacher PROgram discount cannot be combined with other promotions or sales.

How long will it take for my application to be processed?

Teacher PROgram applications have a current processing time of 10-15 business days.  We appreciate your patience while we review the high volume of applications we have received.