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The eKO® Series is constructed of a sealed-cell surface, what does this mean?

The eKO® Series mat is constructed of a sealed-cell catch-grip surface. It provides some absorption and natural grip, but it is easy to clean. The catch-grip technology provides a perfect balance of grip and drag, which allows you to flow effortlessl

Is the eKO® mat available in different sizes and thicknesses?

Manduka is proud to currently offer the eKO® mat in distinct sizes:. eKO® Yoga Mat 5mm. Standard length: 71" x 24", 7 lbs. Extra long length: 79" x 24", 8 lbs. eKO® Lite Yoga Mat 4mm. 71" x 24", 5 lbs. Tranquility eKO® Lite Yoga Mat 3mm. 68" x 24", 4

What is the average lifespan of the eKO® Series?

The eKO® Series is made of bio-degradable material and is more sensitive than the PRO Series and other mats that are made of more synthetic materials. Since the rubber used for the eKO® Series is all natural and eco-friendly, it will break down and o

Do you recommend the eKO® Series for vigorous yoga practices?

No - The eKO® Series is made of natural tree rubber and are more sensitive compared to mats that are made of more synthetic materials, we therefore do not recommend this mat series for vigorous daily practices as the mat will wear out faster. We reco

Can I use my eKO® series mat for hot yoga?

Yes! The eKO® series mat can be used for hot yoga. Natural rubber provides a semi-sticky grip, and it is a sealed cell material so it will absorb minimal moisture. In heated or sweaty classes, we recommend pairing your eKO® series mat with a hand tow

Is the eKO® series covered by the lifetime guarantee?

As the Lifetime Guarantee only covers PRO Series mats, the eKO® series is not covered under the Lifetime Guarantee.

I have a latex sensitivity. Is it safe to use an eKO® Series mats?

Through Manduka's manufacturing process, the eKO® mat is 99% latex free. If you know you are sensitive to even traces of latex, we recommend that you purchase from a different mat series.

What is the difference between the eKO® mat and other eco-friendly yoga mats on the market?

Durability and Performance: Typical rubber eco-friendly yoga mats can be spongy and have an open-cell surface, due to the process that natural tree rubber goes through. Because they are open-cell, the durability of the mat is compromised and most rub

Is it OK to fold my eKO® Superlite Travel Yoga Mat to pack for travel?

The eKO® Superlite is designed primarily for travel use, so while it can be folded for easy transport to accommodate air travel, we recommend storing the mat rolled whenever possible, as it may show marks from folding over time.