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eQua® eKO® Round Yoga Mat


What can I use the eQua® eKO® Round Yoga Mat for?

This 59" eQua® eKO® Round Yoga Mat designed by global ambassador, Desi Bartlett, has 360° range of motion and freedom of movement in all directions. The top layer is absorbent eQua® microfiber with an eKO® natural rubber core and base. Easy to clean,

What is the eQua® eKO® Round Yoga Mat made of?

The Round mats are constructed of an eQua® top layer and an eKO® base layer. The eQua® Fabric: The eQua® fabric is a super soft microfiber that's absorbent, quick drying and durable. The eKO® Core: All eKO® mats are comfortably cushioned, high perfor

How do I clean my eQua® eKO® Round Yoga Mat?

Normal "after-practice" care by spot cleaning when needed with the Manduka Yoga Mat Wash & Refresh. Hang to dry.

I have a latex sensitivity, can I use the eQua® eKO® Round Yoga Mat?

Through Manduka's manufacturing process, the eQua® eKO® Round Yoga Mat is 99% latex free. If you know you are sensitive to even traces of latex, we recommend you purchase from our PRO Series or Foundation Series.