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The Begin mat is constructed of a closed-cell surface (non-absorbent), what does this mean?

The Begin mat is constructed of a closed-cell surface (non-absorbent), which prevents bacteria and moisture from being absorbed. Designed for multi-purpose use from yoga to fitness. The closed-cell surface will keep the mat hygienic and more durable.

Is the Begin Mat covered under a lifetime guarantee?

As the Lifetime Guarantee only covers PRO Series mats, the Begin mat is not covered under by a lifetime guarantee.

What is the Begin Mat made of?

The Begin mat is made of TPE by eco-friendly manufacturing in Taiwan. This mat is made up of a closed-cell surface which prevents the mat from absorbing moisture and bacteria.

Which side of the Begin Mat do I use?

The Begin mat is reversible so it can be used on both sides.

How do I care for my Begin Mat?

Keep your mat in its best condition by wiping it down after every practice with Manduka’s Yoga Mat Wash & Refresh. Spray the entire surface of the mat. Use a clean cloth to wipe the mat dry before rolling or using. Never soak, shower or submerge your

These mat care products have been approved for the Begin Mat.

The following mat care products can be used on the Begin Mat:

How do I store the Begin Mat?

Keep your Begin mat rolled up and stored in a cool, dry place, and away from direct sunlight.

What is sustainable about the Begin Mat?

Begin mats are made from TPE, which is an eco-friendly material made from non-toxic, recycled, biodegradable materials. Recyclable and hypoallergenic, Begin mats are free of chemical solvents, toxic glues and crafted in an energy-efficient facility i

My Begin Mat is starting to flake/show signs of wear - is this normal?

Just like the other mats, the Begin mat will not remain in the same condition as when newly purchased when it is put into use. The surface can begin to flake over time and with use. Long-term usage can lead to patches of wear and tear in the material

Can I recycle the Begin Mat packaging?

Yes - The Begin Mat comes wrapped with a banderol to hold the mat rolled during transit. The banderol can be entirely recycled in your nearest local paper/cardboard container.