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What are the "made for yoga" features of your clothing?

For women, we've developed contoured fits and flexible seams to move with you in your practice - distraction free. Longer silhouettes and high waistbands keep you covered, while natural materials allow your body to breathe. For men, subtly tapered wa

What fabrics and materials are used in your clothing?

We choose fabrics that are kind on the earth, soft on the skin and designed specifically for yoga.

How should I wash my Manduka clothing?

We recommend caring for your garments by washing and drying in low temperatures and hang dry as much as possible in order to prolong their useful life and also conserve the earth’s energy. Always avoid using fabric softeners – they can inhibit wickin

Size Guide - what size clothing should I buy?

To determine which apparel sizes will suit you best, please visit our fit guide.

Bra Fit Guide - How do our bras compare?

Please find additional guidance for our bra collection below.

Leggings Fit Guide - How do our leggings compare?

Please find additional guidance for our leggings collection below.